2020-21 Resources


This page includes resources and information about virtual and virtual-hybrid learning at CRHS. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate these unprecedented times. 


In addition to the information provided below, the Caroline County Public Schools site has a wealth of information and resources about virtual learning. You can also view the CCPS Recovery Plan, FAQs, Technical Support Info, and Positive Case Reports

Student Schedules

Virtual Student Schedule form
Virtual hybrid schedule
Fog Delay Schedule

General Expectations & Code of Conduct

The CCPS Code of Conduct has not changed. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. This is just as important for virtual learning.

CCPS Code of Conduct:

  • Engage in learning activities and take school work seriously
  • Take responsibility for your behavior
  • Be courteous
  • Respect the personal, civil, and property rights of others
  • Attend school regularly, on time, and prepared to learn
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Seek alternatives to verbal or physical conflicts
  • Speak appropriately
  • Dress appropriately
  • Exhibit self-control
  • Cooperate with others
  • Behave ethically

Expectations for Virtual Learning:

  • Daily attendance is expected, and will be recorded by the teacher in PowerSchool
  • Assignments will be graded and recorded in PowerSchool, using traditional grading
  • Students will use Google Classroom and Zoom during Virtual Learning
  • Failure to follow the Code of Conduct expectations will result in consequences and/or interventions
  • Following expectations will result in praise and possible rewards!
Infographic showcasing expectations of students while using Zoom
Infographic showing expectations of students in Google Classrooms

CRHS Interventions & Rewards


  • Classroom-based response
  • Restorative practice: conflict resolution break out session
  • Parent outreach
  • Counselor check-in
  • Alternate assignment
  • Parent / student / teacher conference
  • Administrator conference with student and/or parent
  • Additional consequences as needed from the Code of Conduct


  • Praise
  • Virtual TOUGH Tags
  • Positive email to student and/or parent
  • Notes mailed home
  • Positive phone calls / emails home
  • Stickers in the mail!
  • Coupons for favorite places mailed to you!

Tips for Learning at Home

Create a Defined Learning Space

  • You will need a desk or table space and chair
  • Eliminate clutter and distractions
  • Organize necessary materials: pens, pencils, paper, laptop, charger, etc.
  • Choose a well-lit place; a spot with some natural light can be helpful
  • Reduce any distracting noise
  • Think about your background; think about what’s going to be behind you on video during Zoom

Create a Routine

  • Think about your morning routine and the Virtual Schedule and make a plan
  • Set your alarm so you are ready every day
  • Post your schedule for your reference 
  • Make a plan for breaks that includes getting away from your work area and getting some movement and fresh air

Set Goals & Earn Incentives

  • Work with your family on what incentives could be in your home for achieving your goals
  • Earn virtual incentives at school
  • Reach out to teachers, counselors, or administrators if you are having trouble meeting your goals

Mental Health Awareness

  • Stay informed about COVID-19
  • Reach out to teachers, counselors, or administrators if you need help
  • Limit your exposure to excessive media
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand
  • Eat healthy and exercise
  • Eliminate excessive screen time
  • Aim to stay balanced in all aspects of life - too much of anything isn’t good for us!