Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention Month

Mental health, also known as emotional or behavioral health, is a vital part of your child’s overall health and development. All children experience periods of anger, frustration and sadness. However, for some children, these normal stresses can be overwhelming to the point that it interferes with the child’s everyday life; such as:

  • Having difficulty at home, in school, interpersonally or within the family

  • Having difficulties affecting his/her ability to eat or sleep

  • Having a hard time in situations where they used to be okay

  • Experiencing problems significant enough that they are causing the child or other family members distress

In pre-teens or teenagers, this means...

  • Marked fall in school performance

  • Inability to cope with problems and daily activities

  • Marked changes in sleeping and/or eating habits

  • Frequent physical complaints

  • Sexual acting out

  • Depression shown by sustained, prolonged negative

    mood and attitude, difficulty sleeping, or thoughts of


  • Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs

  • Intense fear of becoming obese with no relationship to

    actual body weight

  • Persistent nightmares

  • Threats of self-harm or harm to others

  • Self-injury or self destructive behavior

  • Frequent outbursts of anger, aggression

  • Frequent threats to run away

  • Aggressive or non-aggressive consistent violation of

    rights of others; opposition to authority, truancy, theft, or vandalism

  • Strange thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or unusual


Finding Help

If you're concerned about your student's mental health, contact our school counselors! Mrs. North and Ms. Reed can connect you to resources and counseling services.

Mrs. North - or 410-479-3678

Ms. Reed - or 410-479-3678

We have a partnership with Corsica River Mental Health Services that allows us to provide school-based mental health counseling with a professional counselor! Mrs. North and Ms. Reed can both submit these referrals.

Local Crisis Hotlines

Eastern Shore Operations Center (ESCO) (Affiliated Sante) - 888-407-8018

For All Seasons, Inc. (Rape Crisis Center) - 1-800-310-7273

Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence - 1-800-927-HOPE

Crisis Resources

Crisis Resources

Parent Guidance

Parent Coaching

Caroline County Public Schools partners with Cook Center for Human Connection to provide parents and caregivers access to the Mental Health and Wellness Resource Center at

Parent Guidance was developed by licensed therapists and provides trusted and specialized courses, professional support, and a safe community for parents to learn more about supporting their child. Parents can also get answers to mental health questions dealing with a variety of topics such as anxiety, depression, self-worth, grief and loss, suicide ideation, self-harm, bullying, family strife and other mental health concerns. 

Once a free account has been set up at, users have access to the following services:  

Monthly district-specific webinars 1st Wednesday
Monthly at 7:00-8:00 PM. Please see here for more information.

Parent Coaching
After registering and filling out a questionnaire, parents and caregivers connect with a parenting coach. This enables personal and supportive guidance on behavior strategies to address challenges being faced by the family. Free, confidential parent coaching includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 video calls with a coach

  • 24/7 texting with a response within 24 hours

  • Guided, step-by-step resources

  • Helpful tools and tips

Online Parenting On Demand Courses The site has over 50 free courses may be started, resumed, or completed at any time.

Ask a Therapist
This services enables users to review therapist video responses to Frequently Asked Questions submitted by parents or submitted by the user.