988 Lifeline

We want to spread awareness and share information about mental health and suicide.   The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention found that in Maryland,  suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for 10-34 year olds.

Families, if your student is struggling with his or her mental health, we can  help!  We are fortunate to have a school-based mental health counselor,  Ashley Mogle, LGPC, from Corsica River Mental Health that can see  students right in school for regular therapy and treatment.  Our school  counselors, Mrs. North and Ms. Reed, can provide resources and guidance to help your child.

Students, if you're struggling, tell a trusted adult!  Staff members at CRHS will get you connected with your school counselor so you can get help.  If your friend is struggling, tell a trusted adult so your friend can get help.

Over the next few weeks, Mrs. North and Ms. Reed will be visiting classrooms to review mental health resources and information about suicide with our students.  Having access to prevention and intervention resources will often decrease the likelihood of suicide in youth.

No matter what, you matter.  If you're struggling emotionally or thinking  about suicide, text 988, the national Suicide and Crisis hotline.

For more resources and information about mental health, visit our website at https://www.colonelrichardsonh...